Technical Downloads

Information sheet (pdf) to prepare files for snowing (NEW)

Information sheet (pdf) to prepare files for HP Indigo printing (262 KB)

Click to Download Personalized Images Catalog (13.7 MB)

Click to Download Business Card Information Template(.xls)

You can download a comprehensive list with image previews of all the customized printing images we have available. These can be attached to a list of names provided by you to generate:

  • Customized Calendars
  • Customized T Shirts
  • Customized Visiting Cards
  • Customized Mailers
  • Customized Catalogs
  • and much more

Almost every product you can think of can be easily customized and personalized by Chanakya Mudrak.

Combined with Variable Data Printing we can change the whole look and feel of your product with a single database.