Digital versus Offset Printing

The Big Question. Which is better, Offset Printing or Digital Printing?
Digital Offset Printing is the next generation of simple Offset Printing. It is scalable, efficient, fast, and produces excellent results with minimal or no wastage.

Offset Lithography (Offset Printing)

  • Pantone Spot Colors:

Offset Printing can be done through common CMYK process or in very rare cases, when the client requires extremely specific Pantone Spot Colors, such special inks can be used. Pantone spot color usage is expensive as compared to regular CMYK process.

  • High Quality:

Offset Printing offers a very high quality output on a wide variety of substrates.

  • High Volume Jobs and Cost:

The Offset Printing method can produce a very large volume of prints in short time. At such high quantities, the cost per copy is very low and is very cost effective.

Rule Of Thumb

When you need low quantities, high quality, personalized, or are short on time, prefer Digital Printing over Offset Printing. Digital Offset is a cutting edge alternative to simple Offset.

Chanakya Mudrak Digital Printing

  • Pantone Color Matching

Our machine has inbuilt capabilities to automatically alter ink properties such as flow and density to match Pantone shades using the CMYK process. Accurate color proofing for Offset Printing can be expensive.

  • Acccuracy as to Offset Quality

As Chanakya Mudrak’s printing technology is based on the actual Offset Printing Process, our results are very close to those printed on an Offset Press.

  • Consistency

Every print coming out of our press is identical. This means less wastage!

  • Very Short Turnaround Time

It takes minutes to print a new file as compared to days in Offset Printing.

  • Cheap Low Volume Printing

At low quantities, we save you a lot of money to be used up in plate processing, ink mixing, etc which are unnecessary expenses for low quantities.

  • Personalization (Variable Data Printing)

Every print can be customized to be different. Very powerful for Direct Mailers and “Trans-Promotional Prints”