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From Pre-Press to Finishing, We handle it all…
Giving you a “No Hassle” Experience And Peace of Mind
Chanakya Mudrak Pvt Ltd, with more than 30 years of experience in the Printing and Graphic arts Industry has always viewed printing with Passion and Dedication, be it in the area of quality or commitment. In pursuance of excellence we felt the need to diversify and became one of the first and also the most experienced Digital Offset Print House in India.

For the past 8 years we have successfully completed projects involving almost all types of techniques and substrates, from metallic sheets to textured substrates to Tyvek® paper. Our Digital Printing results are the closest possible to those from conventional offset printing with an unbelievable accuracy!

To maintain the highest standards we retain trained professionals to handle our State-of-the Art equipment who take uncompromising care at every step of the way and ensure 4-Stage Quality Check to get optimum quality with an eye on affordability.

We have an expertise in Paper printing and all our products are generally paper based. Our State of the Art finishing and Special effects like “Snowing” can add phenomenal value to Marketing collateral and printed products.